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Women’s Entrepreneurship Expo!
October 29, 2021

Women’s Entrepreneurship Expo!

Does food, entertainment and stalls where you can buy innovative products from small women-owned businesses sound like a good time?


We are excited to announce the very first Women’s Entrepreneurship Expo! This wonderful initiative is brought to you by the U.S. Mission to South Africa, American Corner Makers Valley and Victoria Yards. Through the expo, we aim to create a platform for emerging entrepreneurs to promote their creative businesses.
Join us on Saturday, November 20 from 9am to experience tasty food, beautiful garments, well-designed craft and innovative  products. Not only will you be spoilt for choice to do your Saturday shopping, but you will also get to enjoy the best local entertainment including dancers, musicians, live poetry and an insightful panel discussion by Loeries… all for FREE!


#WomensExpo2021 #WEE2021