If you have been receiving documentation from the National Visa Center, then most likely you have already paid the visa fee.  If not, the current IV fee is USD $230 per person for immediate relative and family preference applications, USD $405 for employment-based applications, and USD $220 for all other cases.  Please note that this reflects the USD $74 immigrant visa security surcharge.

All Diversity Visa lottery applicants must pay the USD $330 fee (or the current South African Rand equivalent) per applicant to U.S. Consulate Johannesburg on the day of the interview.  This fee includes the Diversity Visa Lottery fee.  Please note that you must pay for your entire family before the initial visa interview.  If you have not paid for your family before your initial interview, your family will not be interviewed.  Also, please note that the visa fees DO NOT GUARANTEE visa issuance as you still need to qualify during the interview.

Fees at U.S. Consulate Johannesburg can be paid in U.S. dollars by credit card, or in the equivalent South African Rand at the current exchange rate.  Debit cards are, unfortunately, not accepted.

All K-1 and K-3 visa applicants must pay the USD $240 non-immigrant visa application fee payable at U.S. Consulate Johannesburg.  You are required to present the original customer receipt as proof of this payment.  Please note that derivatives (such as minor children) are also required to pay the fee.

Effective February 1, 2013, all individuals issued immigrant visas overseas must pay a $165.00 USCIS Immigrant Fee before traveling to the United States.  Only prospective adoptive parents whose child(ren) is/are entering the United States under either the Orphan or Hague Process, Iraqi and Afghan special immigrants who were employed by the U.S. government, returning residents, and those issued K visas are exempt from the new fee.  The USCIS website has more details on the new fee, including contact information for USCIS, if there are further questions: http://www.USCIS.gov/immigrantfee