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US Department of Agriculture Fellowships
February 7, 2022

US Department of Agriculture: Cochran Fellowship Program

The Cochran Fellowship Program provides short-term training opportunities to agricultural professionals from middle income countries, emerging markets and emerging democracies.  Cochran fellows come to the United States, generally for 2-3 weeks, to work with U.S. universities, government agencies and private companies. They receive hands-on training to enhance their technical knowledge and skills in areas related to agricultural trade, agribusiness development, management, policy and marketing.
For more information, contact agpretoria@fas.usda.gov or +27-12-431-4057


US Department of Agriculture: Borlaug Fellowship Program

The Norman E. Borlaug International Agricultural Science and Technology Fellowship Program promotes food security and economic growth by providing training and collaborative research opportunities to fellows from developing and middle-income countries. Borlaug fellows are generally scientists, researchers or policymakers who are in the early or middle stages of their careers. Each fellow works one-on-one with a mentor at a U.S. university, research center or government agency, usually for 6-12 weeks. The U.S. mentor will later visit the fellow’s home institution to continue collaboration.

For more information, contact agpretoria@fas.usda.gov or +27 (12) 431-4057.