U.S. Embassy Joins South Africa in Commemorating Workers Day

In honor of Workers’ Day, the United States Embassy in South Africa sends a message of gratitude to the hardworking laborers who fuel the robust commerce between our two nations.

Trade between the United States and South Africa is strong, and we recognize that global commerce starts with the everyday worker.  Today, in both of our countries, there are men and women whose employment depends on this international trade and we want to protect those jobs – in South Africa and the United States.

Since 2000, South Africa has participated in the African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA), which is a preferential trade system that bolsters trade and industry in sub-Saharan Africa and creates employment.  In the citrus industry alone in South Africa, there are 85,000 jobs that are a direct result of AGOA, and in the automotive industry there are another 30,000 employed.

As Ambassador Gaspard states, “a variety of sectors, including automotive, mining, textile, agricultural, and other industries, make both of our nations stronger.  We are proud of these accomplishments, and today, the Day of the Worker, we would like to salute the people who make it all possible.”