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U.S. Driver’s Licenses
February 15, 2022

Converting U.S. Driver’s Licenses

The U.S. Consulates General from time to time receive requests from U.S. Citizens to certify that their driver’s licenses, issued by a state in the United States, are genuine.  Such requests are generally made in order to fulfill a requirement made by the South African Department of Motor Vehicles.

Please be advised that U.S. consular officers are not authorized to confirm the authenticity of a driver’s license issued in the United States.  We recommend that U.S. Citizens contact the DMV in the state that issued their driver’s license for such requests.  A helpful website is www.dmv.org.  Please note that this website is not endorsed in any way by the Department of State.

Renewing Driver’s Licenses:

Please contact the DMV in the State that issued your driver’s license.  The U.S. Consulate cannot assist with renewing driver’s licenses issued in the United States.