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Title it Custom and Border Protection Services
February 8, 2022

CBP Attaché Office

CBP can be contacted at: 27 11 290 3080/ 3225 or cbpjohannesburg@state.gov if you have questions not already answered on this page.

If you have an appointment with CBP at the Consulate General, please arrive no sooner than 15 minutes before your scheduled time. Due to security regulations and space restrictions we are unable to accommodate family members, lawyers or friends of applicants within the Consulate waiting areas.

Services provided at our office in South Africa

I-94 & I-94W Record of Arrival and Departure cards
Permanent Resident Card issues:
Permanent Resident Card is lost, stolen or mutilated
The I-551 entry stamp in their passport has expired
Permanent Resident Card has expired
If you forgot to turn in your I94 and CBP did not recorded your departure from the U.S., please follow this link where you will find instructions on how to record your departure: