All-of-America, including U.S. Business, Supports South Africa in Fight against COVID-19  

In addition to providing South Africa with direct support from the U.S. government of more than R410 million to fight COVID-19, our “All-of-America” approach is assisting South Africa through the generosity of American citizens, including private businesses. Globally, American businesses, nonprofit groups, charities, faith-based organizations, and individuals have committed more than R120 billion in donations ...
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Cape Town Opens New State-of-the-Art American Corner

The U.S. Consulate in Cape Town, South Africa opened its new, state-of-the-art American Corner to the public on November 16.  Located inside the Central Library in the Central Business District, the new American Corner has been renovated to the tune of 3,5 million ZAR ($250,000 USD) and includes a coffee bar, high-speed Wifi, iPad bar, ...
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