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Supply of Loadtec 800kw Load Bank (Johannesburg | Responses Required by November 30, 2022; 17:00pm)
November 16, 2022

The post (Johannesburg, South Africa) hereafter known as the US Consulate General Johannesburg, would like to retain the services of a contractor for the supply of a Loadtec 800KW Generator Loadbank as per the attached specifications.

Should you be interested in quoting please send an email to msizabl@state.gov  and cc makgolaner@state.gov by no later than November 30, 2022 COB (17:00)

For queries send an email to msizabl@state.gov.



Quoted prices MUST be fixed for the project and the minimum warranty stated.  The US Embassy will make no provision for fluctuations in price for any reason whatsoever.   All quotations must be submitted on a company letterhead, indicating the company’s address, contact details and name and email of the contact person.

If you are a VAT registered company, your VAT number must appear on your quotation and a 15% VAT charge must be indicated on your quote.

If you are a NON VAT company, please indicate in your price that VAT IS NOT APPLICABLE.


U.S Embassy payment terms:

  • An EFT will be made into the company’s bank account, within 30 days after receipt of goods and proper invoice.
  • Advance payments are not authorized.
  • By submitting a quotation you are agreeing to waiver any payment terms that may be in contrast to the above.
  • The winning bidder must be registered in the SAM database (additional info will be sent to the awarded contractor)


Loadbank 800KW Specifications (MS Word; 21 KB) »