South African Students Head for the United States on the Community College Initiative Program

CCIP students assume their 'selfie' poses for their official group phot

Twenty one Excited South African students will be travelling to the United States of America for the Community College Initiative Program (CCIP).  The students will spend one academic year (August 2015 to May 2016) studying toward a certificate in the field they are pursuing in South Africa.

Since the program’s inception in 2008, about 170 students from South Africa have received scholarships for study at community colleges throughout the United States. Eligible fields of study for the CCI Program include agriculture, applied engineering, business management and administration, early childhood education, information technology, media, public safety, tourism and hospitality management.

Noma Jiyane (23), who hails from Kwazulu Natal, but now resides in Pretoria. She says going to the United States is an opportunity of a lifetime. Noma is studying Communications Science at the University Of South Africa (UNISA), but says going to further her studies in the U.S. will help her realize the potential she know she has in the field of communications. “I currently work part time at UNISA radio, so going to the United States to enhance my skills in communications and will help me achieve my dream of reaching my peers through radio.” Noma will be going Scottsdale Community College to study Mass Communication.

Bongani Radebe (24) from Johannesburg says his dream is to come back from the United States and open an Internet Café. He studied Information Technology (IT) and says it is evident that IT technology runs the world. “I want to impart knowledge to school pupils by teaching them IT when I come back, because you cannot do anything without IT these days”, he said. He also added that his dream is also to become an IT tutor at some point after his return. Bongani will further his studies at Edmonds Community College in Washington State.

The Community College Initiative (CCI) Program aims to foster mutual understanding between the citizens of the United States and the citizens of participating CCI countries, including South Africa.  The CCI Program provides participants with a non-degree, academic-year program at a U.S. community college designed to build participants’ technical skills in applied fields, enhance their leadership capabilities, and strengthen their English language proficiency.  The program also provides opportunities for professional internships, service learning, and community engagement.  The CCI Program is sponsored by the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs of the United States Department of State.

After completing the program, participants will return to their homes with new skills and expertise to help them contribute to the economic growth and development of South Africa. Participants will not earn a degree, but may earn an academic certificate in their field of study and gain first-hand practical experience through internships.

We congratulate them on their selection and wish them an exciting and productive academic year.

Find out more about the Community College Initiative Program on our Department of State’s Exchange Program web site, and follow the CCIP student community on our CCIP Facebook page.