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Request for Quotation (RFQ) Accommodation (Pretoria | Responses Required by June 2, 2023; 17:00pm)
May 19, 2023

The Embassy of the United States of America is requesting quotes for the provision for accommodation of a 3 month apartment rental from 26 June 2023 to October 26,2023 in Pretoria, South Africa.

Only to Hotel and/or Guesthouses that have been vetted by the U.S. Embassy Regional Security Office will be considered.


1.The contractor must submit the invoice, statement and Purchase order to SAInvoice@state.gov when the delivery is complete..


2.Quote must be sent via email to: Pretoria_quotations@state.gov


3.Quote reference on your email subject line should be:  QUOTE-PR11662857-Alida- CDC Accommodation


4.The NDAA certification must be completed and submitted together with your quote. (Page 1 and the tick the checkboxes on pages 2 and 4).


5.Closing date to receive quotations is COB Friday 2 June, 2023.


U.S Embassy payment terms:

An EFT will be made into the company’s bank account, within 30 days after receipt of goods and proper invoice.

Advance payments are not authorized.

The U.S. Government cannot accept any local terms and conditions or clauses, as they are bound by U.S. Legislation and laws. By submitting a quotation you are agreeing to waiver your companies terms and conditions or clauses