Provision of Portuguese Language Media Consultant Services (Johannesburg)

The US Consulate in Johannesburg is requesting quotes for:

Provision of Portuguese Language Media Consultant services: 

The duties of the Consultant will include, but not limited to:

  1. Translation and Quality Check SupportThe specialist/contractor may be instructed to assist with translations and quality checks of texts, online content, and other material from English to Continental Portuguese and/or Continental Portuguese to English. Examples of material may include brief excerpts of speeches by prominent U.S. officials into Continental Portuguese from the original English.  This content might be used for social media products.

    2. Creating Social Media Content

    The specialist/contractor shall suggest, create, edit, and update original promotional, policy, news, and event-related content for social media platforms in consultation with the Africa and Miami Media Hubs. This may include content from a variety of government sources. Any content or interaction proposed by the contractor is subject to approval of the Africa and Miami Media Hubs. Content shall, to the extent possible, draw on existing data or material produced by U.S. Government sources in order to ensure that messages conform with U.S. Government policymakers. Examples of original social media content could include:

    • Edited video-taped policy messages
    • “Infographics” to visually represent data points
    • Photographs of events relevant to local audiences
    • Interactive online engagements
    • Editing of videos that draw on still images and video clips released by the U.S.
    Department of State.

    3. Consultation Services for Portuguese-Language Spokesperson (FLOX)

    The specialist/contractor shall work in conjunction with the Portuguese-Language FLOX in building contacts and connections with press across the Lusophone world, whether via email and/or in person. All virtual interactions between the specialist/contractor and regional press should involve the FLOX. The specialist/contractor will also serve as a liaison to the FLOX for meetings and training opportunities across Lusophone Posts, whenever possible. As an example, the specialist/contractor might be requested to arrange meetings and/or travel with the FLOX across Lusophone AF to provide training sessions or connect with media contacts.

    4. Training Assistance

    The specialist/contractor will be requested to translate documentation and/or presentations into Continental Portuguese for use in training activities across Posts the Lusophone world. They might be requested to provide assistance with training presentations in coordination with the FLOX in specific Lusophone Posts.

Preferred candidates should have:

  • Native-level and strong Portuguese speaking, writing and reading skills
  • Good English writing skills
  • Basic knowledge of Microsoft Office
  • Strong editing skills
  • Good knowledge of Lusophone media landscape in Africa


Quoted prices MUST be fixed for the project. The US Embassy will make no provision for fluctuations in price for any reason whatsoever.   All quotations must be submitted on a company letterhead, indicating the company’s address, contact details and name and email of the contact person.

If you are a VAT registered company, your VAT number must appear on your quotation and a 15% VAT charge must be indicated on your quote.

If you are a NON VAT company, please indicate in your price that VAT IS NOT APPLICABLE.

Should you be interested in quoting please send an email to  and cc  by no later than August 28, 2020 COB (17:00)

For queries send an email to 

U.S Embassy payment terms:

  • An EFT will be made into the company’s bank account, within 30 days after receipt of goods and proper invoice.
  • Advance payments are not authorized.
  • By submitting a quotation you are agreeing to waiver any payment terms that may be in contrast to the above.

The winning bidder must be registered in the SAM database (additional info will be sent to the awarded contractor)