Pool Maintenance Services (Pretoria)


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The American Embassy, Pretoria, South Africa is soliciting for quotes from qualified companies to provide Pool Maintenance services as per the Scope of Work attached.

Prices must be fixed for this entire contract term – Base Year plus Two Option Years, should the Embassy wish to exercise any of the Option Years.

Base Year – 1 September 2019 through 31 August 2020

Option Year 1 – 1 September 2020 through 31 August 2021

Option  Year 2 – 1 September 2021 through 31 August 2022

The full scope of work including the size of the pools and the addresses of the pool’s locations is attached.

Pool services will cover the following properties which are all situated in or around Waterkloof

– 357 Victoria – CMR

– 370 Mackenzie – DCR

– 193 Taurus – MSGQ

– 370 Aires – Community Centre

– 42 Hillview – Compound


Quotations must be submitted by no later than 17h00 on Friday 23 August 2019.

Submissions must be made prior to this date and time, and must be sent electronically to:

thompsonm1@state.gov AND KriekJX@state.gov

 No alterations or pricing changes will be accepted after the Quotation deadline.  All quotations must be submitted on a company letterhead, indicating the company’s address,

contact details and name and email of the contact person.

U.S Embassy payment terms:

Prices on quoted items MUST be fixed. The US Embassy will make no provision for fluctuations in price or exchange rates after the order has been placed. If your price is dependent on these

fluctuations, you MUST make provision for possible increases in your quoted price.

The U.S Embassy does not authorize Advance (deposit) payments.

Payment will be made via EFT into the company’s bank account, within 30 days of delivery of goods/services and receipt of proper invoice, not before.