PEPFAR-Supported Rural Clinic Breaking Records in KwaZulu-Natal

BroachReach’s Londa Khungo reviewing data with Mthimude Clinic’s Data Capturer S’thembile Ntobela, and Operational Manager Gugu Mbanjwa.

MTHIMUDE – A small clinic in rural KwaZulu-Natal province is making waves for its impressive quality results of health data management.

Mthimude Clinic is now being held as a shining example, after achieving the highest rating nationwide, for health information pre-audits conducted by the KwaZulu-Natal provincial department of health.

Each year the Auditor General South Africa conducts an independent audit of health informatics in health facilities in an effort to compare department of health reporting to facility reporting with the intention to use their audits as a verification mechanism to curb inaccurate reporting.

A clean audit is therefore a noteworthy achievement that reflects the stellar standard of data management at Mthimude Clinic.

For individuals, high quality data management ensures that the correct information regarding patient records, treatment, medication, diagnoses, laboratory results, and outcomes is delivered in real time to the appropriate healthcare personnel resulting in patients receiving efficient healthcare services.

At a population level, high quality data management helps government and other stakeholders understand what diseases affect communities and what solutions can be formulated to address those ailments.

Mthimude Clinic serves a population of approximately 26,000 people. The Clinic’s Operational Manager, Gugu Mbanjwa is proud of their performance which she credits to their partnership with PEPFAR-funded BroadReach Healthcare.

‘As Operational Manager, I thank BroadReach Healthcare Health Informatics department for their support that have been given to us, each time they visit us we learn things and see clear our progress and short falls. What helped us a lot is we have made it a point that whenever [BroadReach] identifies gaps [they] ensure that [they] make it clear to us and work with us on those gaps.

But, we still have lots to work on since we are identifying gaps now and again. I am so grateful to work with BroadReach Healthcare Health Informatics unit!’, she said. As a result of the clinic’s stellar performance in the realm of data management, the team from Mthimude Clinic and BroadReach were invited to share their data practices and experiences at the National Health Information Systems Committee of South Africa in Pretoria.

BroadReach Healthcare is a longstanding implementing partner of USAID in South Africa and has a footprint that spans six provinces with healthcare interventions that reach 20% of South Africa’s population.