Date Use Innovations and Best Practices Workshop


NDOH Data Review: How is NDOH Looking at the Data? What are the Tools? | Zukiswa Pinini | NDOH (PDF 954 KB)

PEPFAR Data Review: How is PEPFAR Looking at the Data? What are the Tools? | Patrick Nadol | CDC, South Africa (PDF 2 MB)

Data Integration and Visualization to Focus for Impact | Petro Rousseau | SANAC (PDF 1 MB)

Monitoring and Evaluation of ART Program Using Laboratory Based Data Dashboards & Results for Action Reports | William Macleod | Boston University (PDF 825 MB) 


Triangulation of Epidemiological and Programme Data to Close the HIV Programme Gap | Remco Peters | ANOVA (PDF 982 KB)

Using the pre ART Module to Investigate the Gap to Treatment Initiation of Individuals with a Positive HIV Test | ANOVA (PDF 484 KB)

CCMDD Electronic System | Neeran Jooste | Health Systems Trust (PDF 680 KB)


Consolidating Person-Level Data Linkage Efforts through Provincial Departments of Health | Andrew Boulle | Department of Health, Western Cape

Visualizing Facility Based Data to Optimize Linkage to Care and Retention in Care | Harry Hausler | TB/HIV Care Association (PDF 2 MB)

Daily Management of Staff to Ensure Direct Service Delivery and TA are Met | Ernest Darkoh | Broadreach (PDF 2 MB)

Strategies to Optimize Identification of Unsupressed Viral Load in Patients on Second Line antiretroviral therapy (SLART) | Kogie Naidoo | CAPRISA (PDF 738 KB)

Transforming Facility-level Confidence and Engagement with Using Data to Close HIV Programme Gaps | Nelis Grobelaar | ANOVA (PDF 717 KB)

Finding the First 90 Using Data: Promoting Data Quality and Usage in the Eastern Cape | Joe Rossouw | TB/HIV Care (PDF 1 MB)

Where Do we Go From Here? | Patrick Nadol | CDC, South Africa (PDF 113 KB)