Metasys BMS System Maintenance Services (Cape Town)

Notice of Intent to Contract for Metasys BMS System Maintenance Services

General Summary of Services Required.

The US Consulate invites bids from reputable contractors experienced in Metasys BMS system maintenance.

The maintenance covers the following devices as determined by the address schedule for the BMS system.

Description of Equipment: BAS

• Manufacturer of the BAS: Johnson Controls Incorporated old and all Johnson parts.
• BAS System Product Line Name: Metasys
• BAS Software Version: 3.7.106
• BAS Communication Network Type: N2 Protocol
• Quantity and Type of Controllers Installed: 2 Jace’s Honeywell (will be replaced), 2 Building Level Controllers;
20 Application Specific Controllers
• Estimated Quantity of Hardware Points in BAS: 1500 Points

DOWNLOAD Request for Proposal (MSWord 188 KB)