Limited E-mail Service at the U.S. Mission in South Africa

The e-mail system at the U.S. Mission in South Africa is currently experiencing limited service.  We are able to receive at least some e-mails, but responses may or may not reach their audiences right away.  Therefore, if you are sending an e-mail to someone at the U.S. Mission that requires an immediate response, please include a telephone number where we can reach you.  U.S. citizens requiring emergency assistance should contact the nearest consulate by telephone.

Additionally, the consular sections in Johannesburg, Cape Town, and Durban are not currently able to accept credit cards for payment of consular fees.  Applicants will need to pay fees in cash, either in U.S. dollars or South African rand.  Applicants who have interviews for student and exchange visitor (F/M/J) visas scheduled for this week should bring proof of payment of the SEVIS fee.

We trust that this situation is temporary, and we will update this message when full e-mail capabilities and credit card services have been restored.  Thank you for your attention and patience.