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Fulbright Teaching Excellence and Achievement Program
February 8, 2022

Applications are now closed.

Fulbright Teaching Excellence and Achievement (TEA) is a program for practicing teachers and other educators working in public secondary schools. Ministry of Education officials, full-time principals or educational administrators, university faculty, and private English Language tutors, are NOT eligible.

Although the program is open for a broad range of subjects, in South Africa recruitment focuses on mathematics, science, social sciences and English teachers. During this next cycle, TEA anticipates bringing outstanding international teachers to the U.S. for six weeks of professional development at a U.S. university, including coursework and intensive training in teaching methodologies, lesson planning, teaching strategies for their home environment, teacher leadership, as well as integrating technology into teaching.

The program includes an internship at a secondary school to engage participants actively with American teachers and students. More information about this program is available here.

Program Components

Teachers who are selected to participate in the Fulbright TEA Program will:

  1. Take part in tailored graduate-level seminars at a U.S. host university.
  2. Observe classes, co-teach, and share their expertise with U.S. colleagues in U.S. secondary schools.
  3. Engage in an online professional learning community with other participants to share best practices and other elements of host and home country educational systems; and
  4. Take part in other educational and cultural activities while on program in the United States.

University Coursework

Weekly Seminars: Teachers will participate in weekly seminars at their host university featuring presentations and discussions led by university staff, faculty members, and invited educational experts. The Fulbright TEA Program provides academic seminars focusing on new teaching methodologies, student-centered learning, content-based instruction lesson planning and instructional technology training for teachers.

U.S. School Placements

The program will also include a practicum of at least 40 hours with a U.S. partner teacher in a secondary school near the host university to actively engage participants in the U.S. classroom environment. Cultural enrichment, mentoring, and support will be provided to participants throughout the program.

Online Professional Learning Community

Each Fulbright teacher will participate in a virtual community with other international educators to collaborate and share best practices about education and leadership in the participating countries.

Upon returning home, teachers will share the knowledge and experience gained on the program with teachers and students in their home schools and communities.

Program Dates

  • Late January-mid March 2023
  • Fall: September-late October 2023

What the Program Covers / Logistical Information

Travel: IREX will make international travel arrangements and provide all teachers with an international airline ticket and a travel allowance to cover the cost of checked bags and incidental expenses. Fulbright teachers will also be reimbursed for round-trip travel expenses between their home city and the point of departure for the United States. Participants must arrive in the United States on the start date of the Fulbright TEA Program and return home at the conclusion of the Fellowship.

Eligible  Requirements

  • Current full-time secondary school teachers of English as a Second Language, Mathematics, Science, or Social Studies who have shown evidence of leadership in their schools or districts
  • Minimum 5 years teaching experience.
  • Have earned a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent.
  • The online application is available here.

The online application is available here.

Deadline for submission of applications is: March 31, 2022.