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Frequently Asked Questions
July 12, 2023

Q: Does the funding call fund exchange programs between U.S. and S.A universities or higher learning institutions with focus on one or more of the six pillars of American Spaces?

A: This funding opportunity is not meant to bring U.S. students, scholars, etc, to S.A


Q: Does the funding call fund the hosting of conferences and workshops in South Africa?

A: The funding opportunity  is meant to conduct programs at American Spaces across the entire performance period, not just a singular major event like a conference.


Q: Does the funding call fund comparative research programmes and projects?

A: This funding opportunity is not meant to fund research programmes and projects

NB: We welcome creative proposals that fall within the scope of our notice of funding opportunity (NOFO), in particular Section A, Program Description, including the specific objectives listed on pages 2-3.