Floor-to-ceiling metal battery packs lining hallway (Southern California Edison)

California’s big energy storage experiment

6 June, 2017

A crisis caused California to fast-track energy storage, taking a gamble that rows of high-capacity lithium battery packs could ease power disruptions after a massive…

Artistic rendering of power transmission lines with highway lights in foreground (© Shutterstock)

Part 5: The changing energy business

22 May, 2017

The technology revolution that moved solar, wind and other renewable energy resources into the mainstream — and introduced sophisticated digital grid-management tools — is shaking…

Part 3: The smart grid

4 May, 2017

All those new energy resources call for new ways of managing the grid. Digital technology has come to the rescue.

Cartoon wind

5 Myths About Wind Energy

31 March, 2017

Like most technologies, wind energy has improved with age. Today’s wind turbines are far better and more efficient than ever before.

Chart with Global Reach of Renewable Energy

The global reach of renewable energy

30 January, 2017

Around the world, investment in renewable energy is outpacing investment in fossil fuels. One big reason is that wind and solar technologies are becoming cheaper…

Circular lake on mountaintop (© AP Images)

What kinds of energy storage are there?

15 December, 2016

Energy storage is getting better all the time. With efficient storage, electricity generated from solar and wind energy is available after the sun sets and…

A passenger jet with solar panels in foreground (© Getty Images)

Airports look to the sun to save money

21 November, 2016

A plane taxis on the George airport runway in South Africa. It’s Africa’s first airport to be powered by solar energy. (© Getty Images) Airports…

Windmill (State Department)

BioTherm Energy invests in communities

16 November, 2016

Wind Energy Facility (State Department) The BioTherm wind energy facility at Klipheuwel-Dassiefontein does much more than generate much-needed electricity cleanly near Caledon in South Africa’s…

MicroCare (State Department)

Microcare supplies electricity and jobs to locals

16 November, 2016

MicroCare: 12V Informal Settlement Power Supply (State Department) Residents of informal communities in Port Elizabeth in South Africa’s Eastern Cape province need electricity as well…

(State Dept./Doug Thompson)

What is the power grid and how does it work?

16 November, 2016

(State Dept./Doug Thompson) Everybody’s seen those tall towers strung with wires that stretch across the landscape. Most people know that those are power transmission lines,…

(© Shutterstock)

What is ‘grid parity’?

9 November, 2016

(© Shutterstock)  Parity is a state of being equal. In the world of energy, grid parity happens when electricity from a renewable energy source, such…

Man in hat leaning over solar panel (© AP Images)

With renewable energy everyone wins

9 November, 2016

A man installs solar panels on a Honolulu rooftop. Hawaii is a U.S. national leader in solar power. (© AP Images) Part 3 Rooftops, great…

What is distributed generation?

9 November, 2016

If you’ve ever seen solar panels on the rooftop of a home or business, you were looking at “distributed generation.” And it’s a safe bet…

Myths about solar energy

9 November, 2016

Myth #1. Solar power doesn’t generate enough electricity. Solar energy is now mainstream. Solar contributes substantially to electricity grids around the world. Globally, solar installations…

What is renewable energy and why use it?

9 November, 2016

Renewable energy comes from natural sources that don’t run out, such as the sun, wind, water or heat within the earth. Fossil fuels — coal,…

Renewable Energy Costs: How Low Can They Go?

9 November, 2016

How can we reduce the greenhouse gases that cause  climate change  when most developing nations need more energy than ever before? Renewable energy  sources emit…

Combating Climate Change With Cool Tech

9 November, 2016

How is the world going to reach the climate goals of COP21? Not with your grandmother’s wind turbines. “The truth is, if we adapt existing technologies…

A Country Lowers Its Energy Bill

9 November, 2016

America is energized. In the last decade, U.S. energy production grew 24 percent, while energy consumption steadily declined. One reason for the shifts is changes…