Public Diplomacy Funding Opportunities

Notice of Funding Opportunities

The Public Diplomacy Section of the U.S. Mission to South Africa from time to time offers funding opportunities for projects that support the promotion of increased understanding of U.S. values, perspectives and policies, and relationship building between Americans and South Africans.

Open for Application

Tips and ‘Tricks’

Scam Alert! is a free government-managed website; applicants do not need to pay to have their organization registered. Our grants office in Washington receives frequent reports that recipients are contacted by organizations posing as and threatening to cut off registration unless a fee is paid for registration or renewal. These emails are not coming from and should be reported to the Internet Crime Complaint Center.

Branding and Marking
Projects that we fund must be marked with the standard U.S. flag in a size and prominence equal to (or greater than) any other logo or identity.  Download a jpeg of the flag here (432 KB) » .

Official Grant Forms
You don’t like the “Standard Forms” (SF-424, SF-270, etc.), we don’t like them, but they are mandatory.

“I can’t find the form I need on”
Solution: send a message to and we will email the form to you.

“I can’t open the form!”
Don’t open the form in your browser (Chrome, etc.).  Instead, go the folder where you saved the form, and open it with Adobe Reader (available here for free).

 “Okay, I did that, but now it says, ‘Please wait …’ and nothing happens.”
Solution: click on the yellow “Enable all features” button (you might have to click more than once).

“’Fill and Sign’ doesn’t work with the form.”
The Standard Forms are JavaScript-enabled, which that means you cannot use the Acrobat Reader Fill and Sign tool.
Solution: Complete the form, then print it to PDF.  This will generate a version of the form that is compatible with the Fill and Sign tool.  If you cannot print to PDF, email the completed form to and we will email you a version that you can sign.