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Dynamic electrical motor and generator analyzer (Cape Town)
July 21, 2021

The request for quotes for the supply of a dynamic electrical motor and generator analyzer such as the Baker EXP4000 or similar.

DOWNLOAD: Request for Quotes (MSWord 268KB)

General Summary of Supplies Required

The U.S. Consulate Cape Town, South Africa is requesting quotes for the supply of a dynamic electrical motor and generator analyzer such as the Baker EXP4000 or similar to be used as part of their Predictive Maintenance Program.

  1. The analyzer must be portable, rechargeable battery powered lightweight, housed in a waterproof IP65 rated enclosure, complete with all ancillary equipment such as clamp-on current transformers and leads, voltage clips and leads and power supply, all of which must be conveniently bundled into a robust carry case.
  2. The analyzer must be able to monitor the equipment under test from the motor control center circuit breaker or busbar and must be equipped with a keyboard whereby the user is able to input the nameplate information of the equipment under test.
  3. The analyzer must be equipped with a database of standard motor and generator parameters, which can be easily selected by the user, and must be able to generate and record the following data, namely: Voltage and current waveforms for the unit under test.
    Tabulated values of the phase voltages and currents as well as calculation and display of the average phase voltage and current.
  4. Display of the phase rotation.
  5. Display of voltage and current phasor diagrams.
  6. Calculation and display of the consumed real power, reactive power and apparent power as well as the power factor.
  7. Measurement and display of the RPM of the device under test, calculation and display of the torque being generated or consumed.
  8. Calculation and display of the load percentage of the machine under test.
  9. Calculation and display of the efficiency of the system from a load perspective.
  10. Display supply quality parameters such as voltage and current harmonic distortion.
  11. Display graphically and flag possible rotor bar anomalies requiring further investigation.
  12. Transient start up analysis of electrical motors and generators capable of tracking startup voltage and current waveforms for all three phases in tabular and graphical form with the ability to zoom into any region of interest. This ability should include the ability to generate a torque versus time graph.
  13. The analyzer should have self-diagnostic software to interpret the test results and troubleshoot possible anomalies.
  14. The ability to monitor and store selected parameters for later analysis.
  15. The equipment should be equipped with at least 100GB of storage capacity, 2GB of RAM, ability to be battery powered and 220V AC mains connected.
  16. The unit must be supplied with CT’s that can cover a current range 0-10A up to 0-2000A.
  17. The operating system shall be Microsoft Windows XP or later.
  18. The equipment shall be equipped with USB 2 functionality and the ability to connect to a Printer.