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Data Use Innovations and Best Practices Meeting
February 14, 2022

Data Use Innovations and Best Practices Meeting
September 6, 2017

This Data Use Innovations and Best Practices Workshop illustrated programmatic and clinical data tools and analytics in support of the 90-90-90 goals for South Africa. The workshop highlighted practices and tools that could be integrated into routine practices and harmonized with PEPFAR (District Support Partners) work plans and District Implementation Plans. Presenters shared programmatic tools and dashboards that illustrate how managers at all levels use data to make better decisions on improving HIV programmatic effectiveness.

The workshop focused on data sources and usage for monitoring performance toward key goals and for program management and how these have in real life helped improve performance. The meeting was an information sharing platform, to help reduce redundancies and promote efficiencies between stakeholders. Presenters shared tools and data used routinely to review performance, including recent improvements to disaggregate data for age and sex, where available. PEPFAR DSPs shared their best practices, dashboards, successes in partnering with District and facility management, and challenges in the capturing, cleaning, and validation of routine program data.