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Caution Against Scams
February 14, 2022

The U.S. Consulate General in Johannesburg is always able and willing to assist American citizens in need.  If you have been contacted by someone who claims to be an American citizen in South Africa in need of emergency services, please tell them to contact us directly at (+27) 011 290 3000 or via email at ACSJohannesburg@state.gov. This person is also welcome to come to the Consulate in person to request assistance.

Please note that online fraud is common. If you have received such an email, it is likely one of the many e-mail scams originating in South Africa or elsewhere in the region.  There are many such scams involving someone in South Africa who is in some sort of trouble, ranging from detention to extortion or hospitalization. Inevitably, the sender is making an appeal for money.  If you are receiving similar message from someone you have not met personally, we urge you not to continue corresponding with whoever sent the message and not to send money.

For more information on e-mail scams, please visit travel.state.gov

Please report internet scams at www.ic3.gov, the website of the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center.  You may also file a complaint at www.lookstoogoodtobetrue.com, which is hosted by the same organization.