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American Chamber of Commerce launch AmCham Business Barometer and AmCham Policy Paper (March 24, 2022)
March 24, 2022

DCM Merritt and her party at the launch


U.S. Embassy Deputy Chief of Mission (DCM) Heather Merritt delivered remarks at the American Chamber of Commerce launch of the AmCham Business Barometer 2021 and AmCham Policy Position Paper 2021.  These two important white papers represent the collective voice and experience of over 600 American firms operating in South Africa. U.S. companies have invested over $7.8 billion in South Africa and bilateral U.S.- South Africa trade amounts to over $15 billion.

“More than 600 U.S. Companies are operating in South Africa, and they can offer valuable perspective on the business environment, and what’s working, and areas in which we can further develop our trade and investment relationship. These two policy papers embody the collective voice of those U.S. companies and their experiences. The documents will provide a compass on how to navigate and further strengthen the business environment…” – DCM Heather Merritt.